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Koinonia Notes

Sunday October 28, 2008
Final thoughts from the book of Ruth.


Sola Scriptura Remixed

Things the Apostle

Paul Believed that You

(Probably) Do Not

"SCRIPTURES ALONE" was a phrase used during the Reformation which signaled a conviction that Christians needed only the Bible as the source for God's revelation concerning faith and practice. Today however, the phrase might at times be more likely to describe things present in the Bible but absent from our faith, understanding, or practice; in other words, things found in the "Scriptures alone." Ever notice the apostle Paul does say some things we tend to just leave (alone) in the the Bible? Don't believe me?

  • When is the last time you pointed out to a friend the the "power of sin is the law"?

  • Encouraged any couples recently with "from now on those who have wives should be as though they had none"?

  • Do you believe and confess "All things are lawful for me"?

  • Made any references in your recent political¬† discussions to "man was not created for the woman's sake but woman for the man's sake"?

  • Taught (or heard taught) that each is to remain in the condition in which he was called"?

  • Pointed out that if one wishes to use the law lawfully, he must know the "law is not made for a righteous man, but for those who are lawless"?

  • Do you share the "wish that you all spoke in tongues"?

OK, you get the idea! There do seem to be some things we tend to leave alone in the Scriptures.  Things found not in us but only in the Bible- Sola Scriptura! But, perhaps, some of those things we leave alone in the Scriptures ought not be so foreign or so far away from our faith and practice!

October 28, 2008 session #1- introduction

Texts left alone in the Scriptures

Ways and Mean of leaving

Outcomes of leaving

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